Hormone Replacement for Women

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

The goal of each individualized bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT) program is to improve your overall health and well-being, help you to look and feel younger, prevent disease, and of course, delay the aging process. Our biological age does not need to match our chronological age – many women look and feel much younger than the number of years they have lived!

One of the things you’ll take comfort in knowing about our anti-aging center and our bio identical hormone therapy programs is that we care about your health. We are dedicated to making sure we start by collecting a complete history and comprehensive lab results. Before embarking on a hormone replacement therapy program it is important for our anti-aging doctors to understand your current hormonal and metabolic health. Our evaluation will begin with targeted lab tests and by reviewing your medical and family history. We also go over any recent diagnostic medical procedures and perform a physical exam. Finally, we compile all of the information gathered in an extensive initial visit and create a comprehensive treatment plan to effectively and safely customize a program that will work best for you.

We believe this medical information is necessary to create the best individualized hormone replacement therapy program so you can achieve your goals and enhance the quality of your life as well as to increase your health span.

Natural sourced bioidentical estrogens and progesterone do not have the same health risk concerns as the synthetic hormones. In fact, naturally sourced hormones have been proven to have many benefits for Adult Hormone Deficiency Syndrome including improved cognition, bone health, cardiovascular health benefits and enhanced well-being. It is always important to see a Doctor specifically trained in BHRT to rule out individual risk factors and ensure that your medications are safe for you.

Our program works by combining naturally sourced hormone replacement therapy with customized recommendations that may include nutrition, vitamin/mineral and antioxidant supplementation, and/or botanical medicines. Once you start on your personalized program our work does not end there. We will continue to monitor your response to the hormones, nutrition recommendations and supplements throughout the entire process.